The following Leaders in Mathematics and STEM Education are doing innovative work. Click on the names to learn more about their work and find resources. Their leadership stories are documented in the books: Conducting Productive Meetings and How Innovative Leaders Lead.

Dr. James Barufaldi 

Dr. James Barufaldi served as director for the Center for STEM Education, at the University of Texas at Austin, and a  consultant on developing partnerships and STEM education. He also served as Principal Investigator of the Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teaching. He is now retired and enjoying exploring interesting things.

Dr. Robert Chang

Dr. Robert Chang is the Center Director at Northwestern Material Research Institute. Dr. Chang’s team developed Materials Worlds Modules on Nanotechnology for K-12 Educators. These modules support students to learn nanotechnology concepts in a K-12 setting.

Dr. Paul Cobb

Dr. Paul Cobb and his team at Vanderbilt University has generated cutting-edge research on how to conduct instructional improvement at scale. Check out MIST Project website for tools and resources. Some of the books that he co-authored include:

Dr. Megan Franke

Dr. Megan Franke from UCLA and her team are known for their work on Cognitively Guided Instruction. This work documents how children think mathematically when solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Teachers will gain insights on how to support students mathematical reasoning. Some of the books that she co-authored include:

  • Young Children’s Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction in Early Childhood Education. Heinemann.
  • Thinking Mathematically: Integrating Arithmetic & Algebra in Elementary School. Heinemann.
  • Children’s Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction.

Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez

Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her team conduct research on equity issues related to mathematics education. Here is information about her new forthcoming book that will be published in April 2018.

Goffney, I. & Gutiérrez, R.  (in press).  Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education: Rehumanizing mathematics for students who are Black, Indigenous, and Latinx.  Reston, NJ:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Dr. Kamil Jbeily

Dr. Kamil Jbeily is the founder and former director of the Texas Regional Collaboratives. He is now the founder of “Reach The Stars Enterprise.” A consulting service for Leadership, Partnerships and Systematic Reforms

Dr. Richard Milner

Dr. Richard Milner is the Director for the Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburg. His team conducts research on practices and policies that support teacher success in urban schools.  His e-mail is:

Some of the books he had written:

  • Rac(e)ing to Class: Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms. Harvard University Press.
  • Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms. Harvard University Press.

Dr. Mitchell Nathan

Dr. Mitchell Nathan from the University of Wisconsin at Madison is the director of the Center for Education and Work. His work informs the field of the Learning Sciences and mathematics education. Dr. Nathan has many publications in the Learning Sciences, he is the co-author of the following:

  • STEM Integration in K-12 Education, National Academies Press.