Smarter Balanced – Grade 3

Teacher Support

Smarter Balanced Assessments are aligned to the Common Core Standards. Therefore, it is helpful to understand the questions types that students will be asked. A suggestion for using this type of resources is to integrate it as a natural part of your teaching. This way, as a teacher you can figure out how to support your students.


Parent support:

Supporting your child at home can be a challenge.  The challenge is knowing what your child is supposed to be learning and understanding. This resource and others like this can be helpful. It provides an outline of key concepts your child needs to know that is based on the Common Core Standards.

Use this resource as a supplement to your child’s regular school curriculum. When your child is learning about a particular topic, read the section on key concepts and try some practice problems.

Focus on students understanding the problem and coming up with strategies to solve the problem. Don’t worry about speed, rather focus on problem-solving strategies. When your child understand how to solve the problem, have your child think about efficient ways to solve the problem. The goal is to understand the underlying mathematical concepts that are required to solve problems.

Barron’s has a whole series of books for each grade level.



The following link provides some resources on key concepts students should understand.


The link below provides resources on problem types related to the Common Core Standards.

Note: These are some sample problem types.