Meet Teruni Lamberg, Ph.D.

My mission is to help you support others to think, learn and be more creative.

When I was only 19 years old. I became a pre-school teacher in charge of a delightful group of children who loved coming to school. We had so much fun learning together and the classroom was a joyful place. I even had a huge group of parents who were my greatest supporters. So you can imagine my surprise when I was eventually told not to stimulate kid’s minds so much. I was told that I was changing the philosophy of the school and they let me go.

This is when my journey on education and understanding creativity began. I started to wonder why people did things that made no sense? I entered a teaching program and discovered that what I was doing was supported by research. I became an elementary teacher and as part of my master’s thesis, I studied creativity.

This was a passion of mine because I am also an artist and I love to paint. I was always intrigued by where ideas came from and how to generate ideas in a group setting. Understanding creativity is an important part of teaching as well as leading teams to innovate.

Fortunately, I had a wonderful experience teaching in Arizona as an elementary teacher at the Madison School District. My quest for knowledge resulted in me pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics education and completing a post-doctorate at Vanderbilt University.

When I did my post-doctorate I transitioned from being a classroom teacher to becoming a researcher and traveled across the country, working on a research project that involved supporting teachers. This is when I began to study business literature along with research in mathematics education.

My journey brought me to Nevada. I am a mathematics education professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. I ran the Nevada Mathematics Project a statewide project that involved representation from every single school district in Nevada and even included charter and private schools. I had to really think about leadership and develop skills along the way.

When I am not working I love spending time with my husband, son and our playful huskie. My hobbies include oil painting and hiking whenever I can find the time. The photo on this website is a picture of Lake Tahoe that I love. This is where I wrote my leadership books.

If you would like more information about my work and me  click on this link.